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Confession: I have a sushi obsession. So I started this blog. Showing the aesthetics of sushi and related things that interest me. Let's call it research.

    What is the perfect sushi roll for you? Take matters in your own hand and design your own at Maki-San… in Signapore. This sushi place at the Cathay Department store lets you choose the ingredients for your own perfect sushi. As they spell it: the sushi roll goes revolutionary. Too bad I don’t live in the neighbourhood.
    BUT: for those on a diet or in other parts of the world Maki-San has a website that is great fun even without being able to eat the real stuff. Check out the catchy design (by Noel Chan) and sound and create your own animation video and music. Love that typeface. I can’t stop playing! Roll with Maki San

    Thanks Dennis for sharing the link with me.

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    Sushi napkins
    One more post on the visual identity for Sushi Bar made by Modik.
    These Hosomaki style napkins are made of three different small colored napkins, hold together by a black paper.


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    Sushi Posters
    Spanish design studio Modik also made a series of 5 minimalistic posters for Sushi Bar.


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    ChopsticksLove the artworks for Sushi Bar in Madrid made by Modik

    Love the artworks for Sushi Bar in Madrid made by Modik

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